It takes a Village!

Here I  am gathering my thoughts and words to blog for the Village this morning and while talking with my dear friend Juli, and she spurts out “it takes a Village!”  This saying just totally summed it up for me and here I am, sharing and blogging about how this community is on fire and ready to take El Cerrito by storm!

I remember one day checking out Craigslist and looking for photography equipment for sale, when I came across an ad offering Artists Space Rentals right here in El Cerrito!  I could not believe this and as a photographer and artist look for a space myself I thought, how appropriate!  I have not lived here too long, as a matter of fact we bought our home in 2006, and our home is split right down the middle with 50% percent in El Cerrito and the other 50% in Richmond! Anyways to make a long story short, I love this city but always thought it needs something a lot of THING, and here is this ad offering space!

When I met Mark Canepa, (an eco-friendly and green artist who utilizes materials for local recycling sources), and his assistant at the time, Dyana, I got so excited because not only is there  history in the building there is history in Mark Canepa!  I immediately expressed my interest in being a part of this fabulous team and village, and well here we are!  I am happy and proud to be among many of the artists here who are bring the ART scene to life in El Cerrito.

It really does take a village, and we are committed to reach out to the community as well as surrounding communities to offer an exciting and NEW look and feel and service to this city.  We have a great team and with further support from friends, family, loved ones and the city, we can do this….but, IT TAKES A VILLAGE!

Please join us on Twitter @eastbayvillage

And visit us online on our  Facebook Fan Page, we could use more friends like YOU!


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